Andy McMenemy

There comes a time in our lives when key decisions need to be made and crossroads require negotiating to ensure our destination is reached. Elite-level individuals and organisations call upon the expertise of those who have made helping others their life mission.

Only people who have walked the walk are suitably qualified to talk the talk and sprinkle their stardust and wisdom to build and nurture legacy. Seldom exists a more applicable time than the forthcoming dawn of a fresh year to consult your life compass and open your door to cutting-edge insight from one of the country’s premier spokespeople and results-oriented minds.

Elite Mindset Coach and highly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Andy McMenemy, will ensure you not only think like the best, but become the best!

A leading light

With a focused mindset the bedrock of his talents, Andy’s innumerable business achievements in senior management have developed and inspired high-performing sales teams in businesses reporting turnovers of £1.3 billion and £550 million.

His passion to see others succeed has given rise to knowledge sharing; coaching and mentoring individuals and management / sales teams to promote maximum efficiency.

With an unrivalled work ethic, the distinctions Andy received in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Hypnosis from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the Northern College of Therapeutic Hypnosis enable his clients to benefit from an eclectic offer.

A sophisticated mix of therapy, counselling, positive psychology and other highly effective skills have helped countless people regain control of their lives.

Andy has the key to unlock potential with a focus on emotional wellbeing, mental toughness and resilience. With purpose, passion and persistence, it is little wonder elite organisations and individuals such as Special Forces Veterans stepping out of the shadows, FTSE 100 directors, millionaire entrepreneurs and brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Amazon and ASDA have enlisted the services of this high-level coaching entrepreneur.

Tenacity personified

Milestones of magnitude in his business life meet their match in Andy’s personal expeditions. How many people do you know who have won the same award as Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Roger Bannister, and Sir Ranulph Fiennes?

Andy was presented with The True Englishman of the Year Award thanks to the courage and tenacity he displayed at a time of significant adversity whilst raising funds for the British Army’s national charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. Completing a world-record challenge running 66 ultramarathons in 66 consecutive days in 66 recognised cities of the UK is an unbelievable feat in itself; to do so with a damaged Achilles tendon picked up on day two highlights the determination and character of this born winner. This pertinacious quest for success is replicated in the achievements of those with whom he works.

Additional accolades only serve to reflect Andy’s thirst and focused determination to achieve the required results for his clients.

In a figurative and literal sense, Andy will light up your future and that of your business, just as he helped to do in London when, in 2012, he was chosen to carry the Olympic Torch in the relay ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Put simply, if you don’t already know of him, you will want to know him!