Chris Gibson MBE

Military and Governmental Experience

Chris Gibson brings with him over 34 years military and governmental experience. He has held leadership roles and key appointments throughout his career which have seen him serve on specialist military operations all over the world including 18 months in Beirut attempting to gain the release of Terry Waite, 12 months in Sarajevo on a Special Forces Team charge with the capture and arrest on indicted war criminals and 16 months in Sierra Leone during the civil war.

Further deployment on operations in Zaire, Uganda, Sudan and Algeria brought many challenges. Having lead the Close Protection operation in the Middle East during the 2nd Gulf War which saw him planning and leading the protection of various world leaders Chris moved on to further challenges that the military offered. Having graduated from NHS Staff College he has taken his inventive enthusiasm for adapting military leadership and wisdom for the wider benefit of enterprises such as the NHS.

Having gained a post graduate award in Medical Simulation Management from Harvard University, Chris was appointed as The Chief Instructor of The Army Medical Services Training Centre, the world’s largest medical simulation centre. Whilst there he co-developed a training and assurance methodology for hospital care which has been adopted by American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand militaries as international best practice. 

Chris was given the task of leading on the development and delivery of a training model for military and NHS volunteers to combat the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa. This was an irrefutable success which saw over 1200 personnel deploy appropriately trained and equipped for the rigor of delivering care in a West African jungle, for which he was awarded the MBE. A known innovator, Chris was recently awarded with The Health Service Journal Special Recognition Award, the first occasion this has been issued for his development of innovative solutions to healthcare this was latterly followed by Ideas UK as International Innovator of the Year 2017-18. Of late Chris has been the government lead on assisting London Ambulance Service NHS Trust out of Special Measures. He completed his assignment in September 2019 working as a Special Advisor to the Ministry of Justice as a Leadership and Cultural Advisor in the 10 most violent prisons in England.

Of late, Chris has worked with the Irish Government on strategic contingency planning. He works with various professional sporting teams including The Football Association and business groups on how to translate this positive philosophy into a winning capability. He remains much sought after as a keynote speaker on leadership and innovation by leading academic institutes.